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The points in which the skull of the Orang differs from those of the African Simiids9 are enumerated on p. 132.
THE  CHIMPANZEE. (Fig. 23.)*
Of the three great Apes the Chimpanzee resembles Man most closely in the general appearance of the skulL Thus the cranium is relatively larger, and the facial skeleton relatively smaller than in the Gorilla and Orang ; and there is no prominent sagittal crest in the adult male. The cranial capacity in the female, being ninety-five per cent, of that in the male, is not so disproportionate as in the Gorilla and Orang in which the percentages are respectively eighty-five and ninety. In the very young animal the preponderance of the cranium over the facial skeleton is still more marked.
The skull of the Chimpanzee is frequently used as a standard wherewith those of Man, both living and extinct, are compared, so its characters are of particular interest to the Anthropologist. Moreover, it has been shown that the skull of the young animal, with its ovoid cranium, slightly prognathous jaws and diminutive supra-orbital crests resembles the restored Piltdown skull; whereas the adult skull, with its prominent supra-orbital crests and jaws, resembles that of the Neanderthal Man. A full discussion of these points is beyond the scope of the present volume, but the reader will find them described and figured in the ki Guide to the Fossil
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